The nation’s highest profile Liberal Party generals will converge on Port Stephens this weekend for a Liberal State Council meeting, and tradition dictates that the Federal Leader of the Liberal Party will attend.

Local Labor MPs Meryl Swanson and Kate Washington are demanding that the Prime Minister – whomever that may be – face up to the people of Williamtown after landing in the middle of the red-zone in the Government’s VIP jet.

Both Ms Swanson and Ms Washington have long called for Prime Minister Turnbull to face residents in Salt Ash, Williamtown and Fullerton Cove, whose lives have been devastated by the chemical PFAS.

The Prime Minister has consistently ignored or declined these invitations.

While the Liberal Government plunges into self-inflicted turmoil, local families continue to live through a worsening nightmare which is no fault of their own.

This is a nightmare that has stalked every facet of their lives since September 4, 2015 – almost three years ago.

In a parliamentary speech on Wednesday night, Ms Swanson called on the PM to step up and show leadership.

“When the VIP [plane] lands at Williamtown on Saturday, do not detour past the people of Williamtown,” Ms Swanson demanded. “Have the gumption to face them and explain why you have done nothing to help them.”

Ms Washington has also called for affected families to be heard.

“As Malcolm Turnbull’s final act as Prime Minister – or as Peter Dutton or Scott Morrison’s first – whoever it is should face up to these devastated families and focus on this community rather than themselves,” Ms Washington said.

“I don’t want to see the Prime Minister drive through the red-zone and avoid these families, like the Premier did last year.”