15 November 2021

AN-ACC funding model and allied health workers

Labor has a number of potential concerns regarding the new AN-ACC funding model that will be implemented from October 2022 by the Morrison Government.


We’re concerned that with the implementation of the AN-ACC so close, so much about the new funding instrument is still unknown, leaving many aged care residents, providers, and health care professionals in the dark about what this means for them and the provision of safe and quality care.


Access to allied health care is crucial to the health and wellbeing of aged care residents. There is a wealth of evidence that tells us just how important these interventions are in maintaining and enhancing a resident’s cognitive functions, dexterity and mobility, for example.


We have raised the issue of allied health in aged care under AN-ACC with the Government and will continue to do so.


It’s our view that Australians should rightly expect that the Federal Government should support them in their frailer years.


But the Morrison has continually let older Austrians down in the way they’ve approached aged care – it’s clear that the issues facing the sector are not a top priority for them.


Just earlier this year, the Morrison Government demonstrated this with their response to the Aged Care Royal Commission.


The Government’s response fell well short of where it needed to be. They fobbed off, delayed or outright rejected many key recommendations. Of the 148 recommendations, over half are not being implemented or aren’t being implemented properly.


Aged Care has always been a priority for Labor and, right now, we’re carefully taking our time to work through the Royal Commission’s Report and the Government’s response.


We deeply believe that those who built this country and have earned our respect deserve so much better from the aged care system.