11 June 2020

On 11 June 2020, Ms Swanson spoke on this issue from Canberra – for the full media release on this issue please go to


These regulations halve the frequency of postie delivery rounds, leaving the jobs of up to one in four posties in limbo and many other indirect jobs at risk.


When declaring the changes out of nowhere the Government stated “delivery frequency in regional, rural and remote Australia will not change.”


However, in the Regulation the Government released nearly a month later it became clear that delivery timeframes into many regional cities were in fact being increased – with delivery times blowing out from as few as 3 business days, to 7 full days.

There was no consultation by Government on these regulations before they were announced, and no opportunity to examine the merits and impacts of alternative approaches.


The Government claims these regulations are a temporary response to COVID-19.

Labor is concerned, however, that the planned changes are intended to be permanent with COVID-19 being used as an excuse to ram them through without appropriate scrutiny.


This is disrespectful to the workers of Australia Post who have done so much for the country, and a breach of faith with the community.


If Scott Morrison and Australia Post wanted to make the case for change, they should have fronted up and given an honest account of their plans rather than using COVID-19 as an excuse to cut services and cut jobs by stealth.


The Prime Minister’s actions are not good enough, and that is why Labor will seek to disallow these regulations.


Our objective is simple: to protect jobs and provide a service that meets the needs of consumers, business and the community at large.


We would like to see Australia Post and its unions working together to support the growing demand for parcels and support jobs in regional communities – not cutting jobs.


Labor will also move to establish a Senate Inquiry to provide the community with a voice and deliver the scrutiny this important issue deserves.