Humanitarian visas for Ukrainians

Labor is gravely concerned about the unfolding crisis and the long‑term consequences of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

It has been devastating for the people of Ukraine and those Ukrainian-Australians fearful for their loved ones’ safety.

We have heard horrific stories about Russia’s deliberate attacks against civilian centres and the urgent needs of refugees escaping the country.

Australia must stand with Ukraine during its time of need. While Labor welcomes that Ukrainians arriving in Australia will be eligible for temporary humanitarian visas, enabling access to Medicare, work and study, we call on Government to implement a streamlined humanitarian process.

Australia should offer proactive support and clear advice that gives assurance to Ukrainians, Ukrainian-Australians, their families, friends and the Ukrainian-Australian community.

The Morrison-Joyce Government has not used its full refugee quota in recent years, leaving thousands of places unfilled. Given the significance of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as well Afghanistan and other regions around the world, Labor calls on Government to meet its humanitarian intake in full.