The Morrison Government’s made a decision to keep details about profitable companies that were paid billions of dollars in JobKeeper a secret. 


Labor has called for legislation that would make those details public but the Liberals and Nationals have used their numbers in the Parliament to block those laws. 


We don’t want them to use Senator Patrick’s amendments to this legislation as an excuse for more delays in delivering economic support, which is already coming too late for too many locked-down Australians and small businesses. 


Rest assured Labor will now seek other opportunities and amendments to implement these changes to make these details public and improve transparency without holding up the support people need now. 


Labor called on the Morrison Government to implement these transparency measures immediately so Australian taxpayers won’t be left out of pocket for the kind of waste we saw with JobKeeper payments to profitable companies that didn’t need it. 


If the Morrison Government hadn’t wasted billions paying JobKeeper to already-profitable companies, there’d be more room to help those Australians in lockdown who urgently need help now. 


Scott Morrison’s failures on vaccines and quarantines have caused lockdowns 18 months into this pandemic, and those lockdowns are causing billions of dollars in damage to the economy.