Military sales to Myanmar

10 January 2022

Since the coup Labor has called on the Morrison Government to review Australia’s defence cooperation program with Myanmar in light of the Myanmar military’s seizure of power.

Labor supports the Government’s suspension of Australia’s defence cooperation program with Myanmar, and the redirection of humanitarian aid.

Australia should work with allied and aligned countries to send a clear signal to Myanmar’s military leaders that their actions are a direct attack on Myanmar’s democratic transition and stability.

The Australian Government must stand in solidarity with the people of Myanmar and ensure the bilateral relationship won’t return to business as usual until democracy is restored and political prisoners are released.

The Australian Government has maintained a defence cooperation program with Myanmar with the stated objective ‘to talk to them about how a professional military behaves’.

The Government needs to explain whether this cooperation is consistent with Australia’s strategic interests, and implement targeted sanctions against those responsible for the coup and its aftermath.

Labor is not aware of instances of sales of equipment after the military takeover of the democratically elected government.