RN 24/7 – Real Change for Aged Care

Updated 12/10/21


A recommendation of the Royal Commission into aged care is to have a nurse onsite 24/7 at residential aged care services.


Older Australians helped build this country. They worked hard, paid their taxes and contributed to their communities.


Australians should rightly expect that the Federal Government would support them in their frailer years.


That’s what they’ve earned after a life contributing to their local communities and to Australia.


But the Morrison Government has consistently let us down and let them down.


After 21 expert reports, the Morrison Government knew older people were suffering in aged care.


But they didn’t fix the problems. As Treasurer, Scott Morrison actually cut funding.


More recently, the Morrison Government’s response to the Royal Commission and the aged care crisis has fallen well short. They’ve fobbed off, delayed or outright rejected key recommendations. Of the 148 recommendations, over half are not being implemented or aren’t being implemented properly.


The Government have ignored the recommendation to require a nurse to be on duty 24/7 in residential care. This is core to improving clinical care for frail Australians.


Aged care has always been a priority for Labor and, right now, we’re carefully taking our time to work through the Royal Commission’s Report and the Government’s response.


We deeply believe that those who have built this country and earned our respect deserve so much better from the aged care system.


Labor’s full aged care policy will be announced well before the next election and we’ll continue to consult with aged care workers, providers, experts, and older Australians as we develop our policies.


Although it is clear that older Australians, their families and hardworking nurses and carers can’t trust Scott Morrison to fix his broken system.


After 8 long years of neglect, another 3 years if Scott Morrison won’t fix aged care.