Solar Our Schools

21 March 2022

The uptake of solar has been a great boon for Australian businesses and households.

Labor is committed to utilising Australia’s abundance of sun to power our communities, lower power prices, and lower emissions.

We have already announced that an Albanese Labor Government will install 400 community batteries across the country with an investment of $200 million to maximise the benefits of Australia’s rooftop solar transformation, support the grid and provide shared storage for up to 100,000 households.

Labor will also co-invest $100 million for 85 solar banks across the country – providing cheaper electricity for more than 25,000 households that are locked out of rooftop solar, like renters and low-income households.

Our plan to Rewire the Nation will upgrade our energy grid to drive down power prices, increase reliability, give the economy a boost and create thousands of new jobs.

These policies, along with many others, form our Powering Australia plan, which will increase the share of renewables in the National Electricity Market to 82% by 2030 and reduce emissions by 43% by 2030 - keeping us on track for net zero by 2050.

Of course, having solar panels and batteries powering schools is a worthwhile proposal.

Labor welcomes Australian Parents for Climate Action’s advocacy on this important issue, and will continue to engage with AP4CA, schools, and states on getting more solar and batteries in schools.