Uluru Statement from the Heart

17 February 2022

Labor is the only party committed to all three elements of the Uluru Statement from the Heart: a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament and a Makarata Commission for truth-telling and treaty-making.

Labor has repeatedly called for the Voice to Parliament to be enshrined in the Constitution and if we form government at the next election, we will progress a referendum as a matter of priority in consultation with First Nations.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese repeated this commitment in his speech in response to the 2021 Closing the Gap report, in which he also announced we would establish a Makarrata Commission.  You can watch or read this speech here.

In contrast, the Morrison Government has failed on its promise of a Voice to Parliament in this term.

It has been nearly five years since the Uluru Statement was presented to the Australian people. A government that was committed to a Voice could have got it done. Instead, the only thing the Morrison Government has achieved is more delay.  

Labor has been ready to work with the Government every step of the way and, if elected, we will continue to extend the hand of bipartisanship to ensure the success of a referendum.  

Along with truth and treaty, a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament will be a momentous step towards unifying our nation and creating a shared future.