Zali Steggall Climate Bill

11 March 2020

Thank you for your email regarding Zali Stegall’s Climate Change Bill 2020.


As you may be aware Labor welcomes any constructive effort to progress climate action and looks forward to continuing to engage with Zali Steggall about her Climate Change Bill.

For Zali Steggall’s Bill to be considered, Scott Morrison would need to allow a full debate in the Parliament.  You may be aware that last October Labor moved a motion to declare a Climate Emergency and Scott Morrison shut down debate by not allowing the motion to be debated at all.


It is very clear that Scott Morrison and his divided Government have never taken action on climate change seriously. 
The National party room is split on a response to action on climate change with half of them backing heavy polluters and the others arguing for farmers and a more logical response.


The latest official Government emissions data confirms Australia will not meet our Kyoto commitment to cut emissions by 5 per cent by 2020. 
In fact, emissions reduction will amount to little more than a rounding error of 0.3 per cent, putting the lie to the Prime Minister’s claim that we are meeting and beating our international commitments.

The Government’s own data suggests emissions will come down during the next 10 years by only less than 5 per cent. 
At that rate, it will take Australia 230 years to reach net zero emissions, rather than the 30 years scientists tell us is necessary.


Labor looks forward to considering the Bill and will work to reach a position in the coming days.


I will keep you updated with any developments within our party prior to this matter being before the Parliament.