05 November 2021

Climate Change

Labor knows that climate action is not only an environmental imperative, but an economic opportunity.


Good climate action can cut power prices and create jobs, particularly in the regions.


That’s why Labor has been committed to net zero emissions since 2015 and has consistently called on the Government to join us, every state and territory, and more than 130 other countries in that commitment.


After years of saying that a net zero commitment would ruin the economy and cost jobs, the Government has finally been dragged kicking and screaming to net zero by 2050.


But with no legislation, no new policies, no modelling and no increase from Tony Abbott’s medium-term target.


They have refused to outline any details of their 2050 plan, and they expect Australians to buy it.


This isn’t a plan. It’s a scam.


While net zero by 2050 is the necessary starting point of good climate policy, Labor knows it's not sufficient. Australia also needs a roadmap to get there, including strong action over the critical next decade. 


Labor has also been clear that the Government's current 2030 target is too weak and has consistently called for an increase in the medium-term targets.


We had hoped that the Government would rise to the occasion at COP26, move away from the toxic climate politics of the last decade and announce a more ambitious medium-term target.


Unfortunately for Australian families and businesses, they failed to do that.


So Labor will take an ambitious policy to the next election and we will outline that policy well ahead of the election.


The world is moving rapidly toward renewable energy. We have a once in a generation opportunity for Australia to jump ahead of the pack.


Scott Morrison is leaving Australia increasingly isolated on the world stage and refusing to provide leadership.


He has refused to rule out a taxpayer indemnity for new coal-fired power stations, which will raise power prices and emissions, and which the Australian Industry Group says could cost taxpayers $17 billion.

And he is spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars on a feasibility study for a new coal-fired power station to appease the hard-right of his deeply divided Party room.

There is no place for new coal-fired power stations in Australia – because renewables are the cheapest form of new energy.


Australia has already lost more than ten years to baseless fear campaigns against climate action. We can’t afford to lose another ten.


Labor’s plan to cut emissions includes a commitment to net zero by 2050 and outlining a strong roadmap to get there, which we’ll do well before the next election.


We will invest $20 billion to Rewire the Nation, urgently upgrading the electricity grid, using local content and creating local jobs while we do it, to bring on renewables.


We will provide incentives for 10,000 young Australians to train in the new energy jobs of the future.


We will end Morrison’s scaremongering on electric vehicles and cut taxes to make them cheaper.


We will install 400 community batteries across the country, reducing power bills and cutting emissions.


We will prioritise offshore wind regulations to unlock the billions of dollars and thousands of jobs for Australia’s regions that Morrison is stalling.


Scott Morrison’s plan is to bank on technology that hasn’t been invented yet to get us to net zero.


We have a Government divided on even the basic science of climate change, let alone able to deliver on the opportunities the changing global economy presents for Australia’s future.


The world’s climate emergency is Australia’s jobs opportunity – and only Labor will seize it.