02 November 2021

Voter Identification Laws



The Morrison-Joyce Government have proposed changes to voter identification laws.


To put it simply – there is no need for these laws. Our Australian system is one of the best in the world, and worth protecting.


These amendments are nothing but a transparent attempt by the Liberal and National parties to undermine Australia’s strong democracy. Unnecessary and burdensome voter identification laws will make it harder for all Australians to cast their vote at the next election.

Labor will campaign fiercely against these proposed laws, which would require Australians to prove their identity at the ballot box, or risk not having their vote counted.

The Australian Electoral Commission has already confirmed the number of vote discrepancies at Australian elections is ‘vanishingly small’ and no one was prosecuted for multiple voting at the 2019 federal election.

Scott Morrison’s plans would not only see a return to long queues at polling booths, doubling the time it takes to vote, but also disenfranchise vulnerable Australians by preventing them from exercising their democratic right to vote.

People living in remote Indigenous communities, our multicultural communities, those dealing with homelessness, and Australians escaping domestic violence often don’t have the easy access to identification many take for granted. Instead of working for all Australians, Scott Morrison is working to ensure that those who might not vote for him, can’t vote against him.

Instead of taking action on climate change, helping business recover from the pandemic, or funding our struggling health system – Scott Morrison is spending his time trying to make it harder to vote.

Labor successfully fought against Scott Morrison’s efforts to silence his critics in 2019, when he tried to limit the ability of charities and not-for-profit organisations to speak up on issues important to Australians. We will fight just as hard against his latest attack our democratic system.