Climate Change policy

It would be remiss of any party not to review their policy agenda after an election loss of the type Labor suffered in May 2019. As we review all of Labor’s policies, many MPs will express their respective views on numerous areas of policy including climate change, that doesn’t mean those views will necessarily become Labor policy.

 Labor Leader Anthony Albanese has said on a number of occasions, our policies are currently under review but our values are not - and we will be taking a strong a climate agenda to the next election – based on the Paris agreement commitment of keeping warming to well below 2 degrees and make all efforts to limit warming to 1.5 degrees, net zero emissions by 2050, and interim targets consistent with those goals.

 In contrast to Labor’s approach, the Morrison Government remains committed to Tony Abbott’s fig leaf climate change policy and targets, with the ‘Direct Action’ policy overseeing growing carbon emissions since 2014, government projections showing continued growth in emissions to 2030 and with emission reduction targets that scientists tell us are consistent with over 3 degrees of warming, falling well short of what is needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

 Labor has said clearly we will listen to and look at the science, and we will be informed by the facts in our policy development.

 Labor’s commitment to tackling climate change, as part of a coordinated global response to achieve the goals of the Paris Accord in keeping warming to well below 2 degrees, remains unshakable.