Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Bill 2019

The Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Bill 2019 which was recently passed in the Australian Parliament.

While it is disappointing that it has taken this third term Government six years to re-establish Labor’s Inspector-General for Live Animal Exports, Labor welcomes the Government’s decision to finally provide a level of independent oversight to the regulation of Australia’s livestock exports.

It took the 2018 60 minute program to expose that animal welfare was not properly considered before the regulator was issuing permits to compel this Government to act. The fact is, over the last six years we have had a Minister that established a culture of “nothing to see here,” a Minister who tried to clean up the mess he inherited, and now the test for the new Minister for Agriculture is to ensure the regulator is able to do its job without fear or favour.

The Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports is a step in the right direction. However, ensuring that the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained will require the Government, the regulator and industry to remain vigilant and to be guided by the best available science. Labor will continue to hold the Government to account to maintain the highest levels of animal welfare.