Labor shares a number of the concerns you have raised and for some time now has been calling on the Morrison Government to heed the calls of more than 60 disability advocacy groups and address the composition of the Royal Commission, specifically to remove to Commissioners who have conflicts of interest and to replace them with people who have lived experience of disability and the support of the sector.

The Royal Commission will inevitably inquire into episodes that are highly sensitive as well as confronting for those affected. Accordingly, it is only appropriate that the Commissioners be people who can hear such evidence objectively and without any perception that their consideration of this evidence be biased in any way.

You may be aware that on 25 July the majority of the Senate supported a motion calling on the Morrison Government to remove two of the Commissioners and to replace them with a set of positive criteria identified by the disability community.

Labor will continue to call on the Government to act on this so that the Royal Commission can maintain its integrity and people with disability, their families and carers and the disability sector can have confidence their evidence is heard independently and impartially.