Australia's Reading Maths and Science Scores Plummet

03 December 2019

Australian students have recorded the worst results in reading, maths, and science since international testing began. 

Our schoolkids are now around a year behind in these basic subjects, according to data from the 2018 Programme for International Student Assessment, released yesterday. 

For the first time ever, Australia’s performance in maths is no better than the global average. 

Australia has fallen behind the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, and Estonia.

Labor’s Shadow Minister for Education and Training, Tanya Plibersek, said “this should be a huge wake-up call for Scott Morrison and the Liberals, who’ve seen school test scores plummet on their watch.”

Meryl Swanson said that local parents want to know that their kids are receiving a world class education.

“Australia’s falling performance is alarming.

“Sadly, after more than six years in government, Scott Morrison and the Liberals are doing nothing to turn this dire situation around.” Ms Swanson said.

“Australian schoolkids just aren’t getting the basics under their belts anymore.

“If our kids can’t read, write, and do maths and science, then we’ve failed. Those subjects are the building blocks of a good education.” Ms Plibersek said.

After six years of talk, after six years of failing our schoolkids, the Liberals must say how they’ll fix this serious problem. 



Authorised by Meryl Swanson ALP Canberra