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Labor to Build Heddon Greta Car Park and Roundabout

March 07, 2019

State and Federal Labor Governments would invest a combined $5 million to fund a much-needed commuter car park and roundabout in Heddon Greta at the entrance to the Hunter expressway.


The car park and roundabout, to be constructed near the service centre at the corner of Main Road and Stanford Road, will address safety concerns and congestion on a road that services 15,000 to 20,000 vehicles per day.


Since the opening of the Hunter Expressway in 2014, the community and local Government have expressed their grave concerns about safety in the area, with previous reports stating there is at least one accident or near miss at the intersection every day.


Adding to the congestion in the area are dozens of cars parked daily on nearby vacant blocks and along Main Road, Heddon Greta as commuters car pool north and south of the expressway to nearby destinations such as Newcastle, Maitland and the coal fields.


This investment will take vehicles off the road and eliminate the main source of concern about traffic incidents at the intersection. A bus stop will also be installed near the car park, encouraging locals to use public transport.


A Shorten-Labor Federal Government has committed to $2.5 million to the project, while a Daley-Labor State Government would match the finding to cover the cost of the project.