Labor Will Listen, Learn and Act on Regional Jobs, Starting in Tasmania

29 October 2019

In its seventh year of running the country, this Government is consistently letting down people who live outside our capital cities.

Off the back of Anthony Albanese’s speech outlining jobs and the future of work, regional NSW MP Meryl Swanson has just been appointed to lead Labor’s Regional Jobs Taskforce.

Wasting no time, the Taskforce will travel to northern and north-west Tasmania next week. Tasmania has an unemployment rate of more than one percentage point higher than the national average.

The group, joined in Tasmania by Shadow Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government Jason Clare, will engage with industry, regional communities, unions, local governments and other employment stakeholders during this and future tours.

In addition, MPs and Senators on the Taskforce will be holding a Jobs Forum at Launceston Town Hall on Tuesday, 5 November at 9 am, which will provide an opportunity for all of the community to discuss the challenges, barriers, and opportunities around employment in regional Tasmania.

Over this term of Parliament, the Taskforce will meet regularly to report back on jobs in regional Australia and contribute to the development of Labor’s policies to support good, local jobs in regional and rural Australia.

“In Anthony Albanese’s major speech today it’s crystal clear Labor’s priorities are jobs, jobs and jobs,” Ms Swanson said.

“The economy of tomorrow provides an enormous opportunity for regional Australia in terms of delivering highly skilled jobs for places like Smithton, Burnie and Launceston,” she said.

“For too long, across the entire country, the Nationals have taken the bush for granted and the Liberals seem to not care. This taskforce is a sign that Labor is serious about listening to regional people, including those in northern Tasmania.”

“We’ll be holding the Government to account for their failings and working with regional stakeholders to develop policies that will provide secure and well-paid jobs into the future.”