M1 Extension Misses Out Again

26 February 2020

The latest Infrastructure Priority List proves the Morrison and Berejiklian Liberal Governments are dragging their feet on the M1 extension from Raymond Terrace to Black Hill.


This project is 15 years overdue and is described by infrastructure Australia as “one of the most heavily used road corridors for freight in New South Wales”.


The project was first listed as a “0-5 year near term project” in 2016 – four years ago. Yet there has been no progress toward this important road and the “next steps” remain unchanged.


This road is the last choke point between Sydney and Brisbane, and a major intersection between western New South Wales and the largest coal port in the world.


Only four per cent of funding for the M1 extension has been made available by the Morrison Government in the next five years.


If the Liberal Government is serious about regional infrastructure, this project would be a high priority, the business case would be completed, and the project would be underway.