04 June 2020

When it comes to apprentices and trainees, the Morrison Government is failing regional areas like the Hunter, and new modelling suggests it’s likely to get worse.


If Scott Morrison fails to act, Australia is set to lose 100,000 apprentices and trainees this year – a massive 35 per cent drop – according to new modelling from the National Australian Apprenticeship Association.


Based on population data, that would see a drop in New South Wales of 31,899 apprentices and trainees.


This drastic fall would come on top of the 42,235 apprentices and trainees already lost in the state since the Liberal-National Government came to power.


In the Newcastle and the Hunter alone, the Coalition has overseen a massive drop of 27.21 per cent, or 3,482 fewer apprentices and trainees.


The Liberals and Nationals have spent seven years creating a tradie crisis in Australia with $3 billion cut from TAFE and training, widespread skills shortages, and 140,000 apprentices and trainees lost.


Now experts are warning that 100,000 more apprentices and trainees will go by December, unless the Federal Government does something serious to help.


We’re talking about a situation that will be much worse than during the Global Financial Crisis.


In their announcement today on just one sector affected by their skills crisis, the Government falls a long way short in providing what is needed to prevent massive job losses in the building industry.


A comprehensive plan would have encouraged construction right across the board, including social housing, guaranteeing opportunities for apprentices and trainees, thereby speeding up the economic recovery.


It’s all very well to talk about construction projects and renovations, but you need tradies and apprentices to build them. Scott Morrison has no plan for that.