Action needed to protect koalas

10 February 2022

Koalas face the real possibility of extinction in NSW by 2050.

Under those opposite, this uniquely Australian icon has never been more vulnerable.

This government and their state mates have stood by, clearing up to 1,300 per cent more koala habitat.

And they've got the gall to come to my electorate of Paterson and visit organisations like Oakvale farm and the Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary, whose dedicated, down-to-earth teams do an extraordinary job of protecting, healing and promoting our koalas right now.

But this government tells them to try their luck in the Liberal lottery of grants.

Well, good luck with that, quite frankly, and it better not be rorted—dangling the chance to share in the sliver of money that's going to be shared right up and down the east coast of Australia.

The Minister and others paraded around this week getting their pats and pics and making empty promises.

Well, it just won't cut it in Paterson.

If those opposite were serious about protecting koalas in Paterson, they'd be stumping up the money and stopping the clearing right now.