Statement: An Ode to the Government

February 11, 2020

As we arrive to the capital with the new year ahead,

We prepared for condolences but the Nats made news instead.

A minister down before the week had begun,

A ghost from the past decided he wasn't done.

It was full steam ahead for New England versus Riverina,

It was anyone's guess who'd win in that arena.

Out walked the leader, he lives another day.

And he pushed his rivals to the backbench just to make them pay.

Thank God that's all over, the Prime Minister must have sighed.

Little did he know, those backbenchers weren't onside.

Out comes the ballot, he thought was just routine.

And the member for Wide Bay was nowhere to be seen.

After a ballot that didn't quite go to plan,

The echo from the cabinet was: 'I think I can, I think I can.'

A third-term government whose agenda isn't clear,

The marketing man has run out of ideas.

But the day is long and the bay is wide,

The Deputy Speaker may have more on his side.