Statement: Businesses in Port Stephens

December 03, 2019

AMPcontrol is a fabulous business in my electorate. They started out as a family owned business—which they still are—that specialised in underground-mining electrical work. They have grown this business and now, like many true innovators, they have reached out to provide a public good. The public good that I talk about is known as the Gilghi water solution. It was recognised for excellence in innovation at the Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards earlier this year. Wayne Diemar and Brendan Titmarsh from Ampcontrol came to tell me a little bit more about it this week. I've been to Ampcontrol at Tomago to have a look at this incredible water solution, and I'm hoping to get to the Northern Territory next year to see it in action.

The company is currently running a trial in a remote community called Gillen Bore, near Alice Springs. One of the problems with Gillen Bore is just that: the community has been living on bore water. I don't know if you've ever drunk bore water, but it's not pleasant. That's why this is so important. In a very dry country like Australia, where we're under constant pressure for water and where we're seeing communities, particularly remote and regional communities, training and trucking water in, this is an incredible solution. The key features are that it's able to produce potable water to Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and it's completely off the grid. The system is a remote water unit using advanced filtering technology that uses power sources including solar and battery storage. Another major feature is that it can be run and maintained by the community, or, if more technical issues arise, it can even be set up and fixed remotely. Many of the communities that might benefit from a system like this are currently shipping water in at an enormous cost. This is a standalone unit. At any stage it can be relocated to another area in need of more permanent water solutions. It's really just a great example of innovation and enterprise in our region.

Speaking of innovation and enterprise, I want to say that I have my fingers crossed for the people at SafetyLink, another incredible company in my electorate. They have designed the FrogLink and other wonderful safety measures for people who do high work—for example, roofers—and people working in dangerous situations. SafetyLink's designs are finalists for the 57th Australian Export Awards tonight. I really hope they take home the award. Even if they don't, they are winners. They're saving lives; they're keeping Australians safe. They are another magnificent example of innovation and enterprise in our regions.