Statement: International Day of People with Disability

December 03, 2019

Everyone in this House sees the highs and lows of those with a disability trying to work their way through an often unfair and often unscrupulous system. It can be an extraordinary challenge for so many, on a daily basis. On this day, International Day of People with Disability, I want to look at one of the highs. I want to talk about a wonderful young woman in my electorate, Georgia Talbot. I first came into contact with Georgia and her mum in 2016, after I was first elected. Georgia graduated from year 12 this year and, with the help of a disability support worker, Linda Harris, Georgia made her graduation dress.

Congratulations, Georgia. It just goes to show what you can do with the right help, the right support, and having control and choice over your life, over what you wanted to wear to your graduation—and making it yourself. It makes such a statement for everyone with a disability. We need to give people with a disability the right control, the right choice, that they want to have in their lives. Georgia, you looked amazing in your dress; well done for making it. I hope you have an awesome summer and a terrific life. All the best to you and all the best to everyone on this International Day of People with Disability.