Statement: Raymond Terrace and District Historical Society

October 21, 2019

There were 25,566 women transported to Australia between 1788 and 1853, of whom 1,600 came to Newcastle and to the Hunter more broadly. For over 15 years, the Roses from the Heart project has travelled Australia and the world. Part of that is the Bringing the Bonnets Home project, where a bonnet has been made for every woman who came to Australia under hard and terrible conditions. We brought the bonnets back to Raymond Terrace, to Sketchley Cottage, on Saturday afternoon and had a magnificent high tea. I say thank you to Ken Barlow, the president; Laraine Brown, the secretary; Brett, the retired chef and the member who is in charge of the food; Boris, the life member; and Matt Garrett, our MC; as well as to Pia and the other members of the Raymond Terrace and District Historical Society, who have done such a magnificent job of bringing our history to life in Raymond Terrace, sharing it with school children, interested old people in our community and people who just want to know about our history. A big shout out to Vicky Osborne: Vicky, you've done a magnificent job of coordinating the bonnets. I know that many thousands have been on display, and you have been a particular champion of this project and our history. Thanks Raymond Terrace, and bring on the high teas!