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Get on With the Job or Get Out

November 07, 2018

Last week in Canberra I voiced my frustrations about the Morrison Government. After weeks of chaos in their own party room, it became blatantly obvious the Government has given up on governing.

When it was released last week, the 2019 Parliamentary calendar revealed there were just 12 days of Parliament - not the 12 days of Christmas but the 12 days of Parliament - between the day of that speech and the 2019 Budget in April next year.

To put that into perspective, it means our federal Parliament will sit for only ten days in the first eight months of 2019. This is a first for Australian history - there has never been an eight-month period with only ten parliamentary sitting days.

I became a Member of Parliament to work hard for the people of my community.

To advocate for the families, small business owners, single parents, young people, students, people living with disabilities, and all those people who need a voice in Paterson.

To advocate for stable jobs, a functioning NDIS, reliable NBN, affordable energy, world-class education and accessible health care.

While I’m sure there are some members of the Morrison Government that share this desire, the past week in Canberra has made it increasingly evident that many do not.

This Government has given up.

They’re not turning up to the chamber.

They’re not speaking on important issues being debated on the floor of Parliament.

Put simply, they’re not doing their job.

The Morrison Government has run out of ideas and as the days pass they’re running out of members.

This Government is not interested in representing the people of Australia.

This Government is no longer interested in governing.

Their disunity and division have become a dereliction of duty and they are nothing more than a disservice to democracy.

It’s a privilege and an honour to have this job. Every single elected member should be turning up and representing their community - as we were elected to do.

Just like every day since I’ve been elected, I will be turning up to do my job. I will speak in the parliament, represent the people of Paterson and make a contribution to our great democracy.

I will continue to work in my electorate. To attend functions, meet with my constituents, visit schools and businesses – small and large. I will continue to hear about people’s experiences and see how government policy impacts their lives while I work with my colleagues to shape a fair future for us all.


The Morrison Government is making a farce and a joke of Australia on the world stage.


It’s time they get on with the job or get out.