Media Releases


November 18, 2018

Paterson MP Meryl Swanson welcomes news that people in PFAS-contaminated areas around Australia have joined forces to pressure the Turnbull Government into action.

“Formation of the Coalition Against PFAS (CAP) is yet another way we can pressure the Prime Minister to take this matter seriously,” Ms Swanson said.

“My constituents in Williamtown, Fullerton Cove and Salt Ash have been waiting for almost three years for this Government to put in place any meaningful policies that will support them through, and beyond, this nightmare situation they are trapped in through no fault of their own.”

The CAP is being led by Fullerton Cove’s Lindsay Clout, whose own property lies within the contamination plume emanating from RAAF Base Williamtown.

“Lindsay is an incredibly well-informed and passionate advocate for the innocent victims of PFAS and I can think of no better person to act as the coalition’s president,” Ms Swanson said.

“This is a big issue. Williamtown is ground zero in Australia but the issue now affects at least 90 sites across the country. With any big issue you want to do everything you can to get action.

“This national coalition will continue to pressure the Government. My colleagues and I will also continue to pressure the Government over its poor management of this issue.

“Together we must shame Prime Minister Turnbull into facing this situation – he needs to take ownership and stop bouncing his PFAS taskforce from one department to another, with no action in sight; exhibit transparency about the extent to which the PFAS Expert Health Panel relied on now questionable international science when handing down its advice; and provide real support and choices to people trapped on contaminated land.”