• Music Policy: Labor will introduce the most comprehensive contemporary music policy by an Australian government. Link


  • An Australian Head of State (pathway to a republic): Labor will hold a national vote in its first term on the question of whether Australians want an Australian head of state. Link
  • National Integrity Commission: Labor will establish a National Integrity Commission to prevent, investigate and eliminate corruption inside the public sector and the federal government, and to restore the public’s trust in politics and the public service. Link

Climate Change and Energy

  • National Hydrogen Plan: Labor will deliver a $1 billion National Hydrogen Plan to create new blue-collar jbos, support new businesses and supercharge Australia’s renewable energy industry. Link
  • Battery Boost for Households to Slash Power Bills: Labor will help Australians slash their power bills by setting a new national target of one million household battery installations by 2025 and providing a $2,000 rebate for 100,000 households. Link
  • Neighbourhood Renewables Program: Labor will invest $100 million investment to establish community power hubs to support the development of renewables projects in local communities so that renters and social housing residents can benefit from cheaper and cleaner renewable energy. Link
  • More Renewable Energy, Cheaper Power: Labor will drive new investment in renewable energy generation and storage and transform Australia’s energy supply systems – delivering more renewables and cheaper power for all Australians. Link
  • Supporting Australia’s Energy Workforce: Labor will support loca workers as Australia’s energ mix changes, helping them to plan for the future and take advantage of the tens of thousands of jobs available in renewable energy. Link
  • New Gas Measures: Labor will ensure Australia’s energy needs are put first, introducing measures to boost local gas supply, put downard pressure on gas prices and protect Australian jobs. Link
  • Labor’s Plan to Cut Power Bills: Labor will help households and businesses get a better deal on their power prices – overhaulting electricity offers available to consumers and scrapping outdated deals so Australians pay less for their power. Link
  • 50 per cent renewable energy target: Labor is committed to ending national energy policy uncertainty and achieving 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Link
  • CEFC - unlock more generation and storage: Labor will reduce the Clean Energy Finance Corporation's investment return benchmark so it can invest in more generation and storage projects. Link
  • Modernising the market rules: Labor will modernise NEM rules to give more power to consumers. Link
  • Create Renewable Energy Zones: Labor will create Renewable Energy Zones to drive more efficient generation, transmission, distribution and storage. Link
  • Gas National Interest Test: Labor will introduce a national interest test for new LNG projects/facilities to help address the gas crisis and improve supply and affordability for Australian manufacturers and consumers. Link
  • Gas Market Transparency: Labor will deliver reforms to improve transparency in the gas contract market to give manufacturers a better deal in contract negotiations. Link


  • Restoring ABC shortwave radio to the NT: Labor will provide the ABC with $2 million in funding to help re-establish shortwave radio services across the Northern Territory. Link
  • NBN Service Guarantee: Labor will establish an NBN Service Guarantee that will deliver better protections for small business and consumers. The Service Guarantee will set regulated timeframes and wholesale service standards which will be enforced through financial penalties. Link
  • ABC: Labor will reverse Turnbull’s $83.7 million unfair cut to the ABC, as well as guarantee funding certainty over the next ABC budget cycle. Link
  • NBN: Labor is calling for Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) at a minimum, instead of FTTN, in the areas where that remains feasible, to provide consumers with a faster and more reliable connection. Link

Competition Policy

  • ACCC “Super-Complaints” Function: Labor will empower major consumer and small business advocacy groups to make ‘super-complaints’ about consumer rip-offs, which will require a formal response from the ACCC. Link
  • Making Unfair Contract Terms illegal: Labor will protect small business by making unfair contract terms illegal and punishable with significant fines of up to $10 million, deterring larger entities from exploiting their market power. Link
  • Ban of ticket-buying bot software: Labor will give Aussie sports and music fans a fair go by cracking down on ticket gouging which locks fans out of major events. We will introduce a national ban on the use of ticket-buying bot software which flood ticket websites, causing ordinary consumers to miss out. Link
  • Overseas money transfers: Labor will make it cheaper for Australians to send money overseas to loved ones by helping drive down international remittance and transfer fees, which currently see Australians being overcharged by millions of dollars. Link
  • Better Deal for Auto Dealers: Labor will drive a better deal for auto dealers by levelling the playing field between the overseas multinationals that manufacture cars and the small businesses that operate car dealerships. Link
  • Your Car, Your Choice: Labor will ensure car manufacturers share their technical information to ensure that vehicles can be serviced by any mechanic – restoring customer choice to car owners. Link
  • Labor's Competition Suite (Giving the ACCC more teeth): Labor will increase penalties for anti-competitive and anti-consumer conduct, double the ACCC’s litigation budget, and give the ACCC an independent market studies function so that it can explore public interest issues. Link
  • Small Business Access to Justice: Labor will improve access to justice for small business and level the playing field in cases of anti-competitive behaviour by big business. Labor will restore the balance by letting a small business request a ‘no adverse costs order’ early in a court case. Link
  • Australia’s Cooperative and Mutual Enterprises sector: Labor will facilitate fairer access to capital for credit unions and building societies to compete effectively with large banks, clearly define mutual enterprises and director’s duties in the Corporations Act, and remove unnecessary regulations and thresholds. Link
  • Competition Policy and Inequality: Labor will ensure competition policy and enforcement addresses rising inequality in Australia. Labor will direct courts to higher penalties for conduct that targets or disproportionately impacts disadvantaged Australians; require the ACCC to prioritise investigations of conduct that targets or disproportionately impacts disadvantaged Australians; and task government to investigate the impacts of increased market concentration on income inequality in Australia and produce policy recommendations. Link

Defence and National Security

  • ADF Personnel equipment: Labor will provide Defence members with the freedom to choose from a greater range of pre-approved boots to better fit the needs of our ADF personnel. Link
  • Stronger Border Protection: Labor will strengthen Australia’s border security with new measures to disrupt and deter people smugglers from preying on vulnerable people throughout the region. Labor will triple the number of AFP officers overseas dedicated to working cooperatively with partner nations to deter and disrupt people smuggling operations at their source. Link

Disability and Carers

  • Abolish NDIA staff cap: Labor will remove the Liberals’ arbitrary NDIA staff cap, freeing the agency up to make the best long-term decisions about how to deliver quality services to Australians with disability. Link
  • Royal Commission: Labor will establish a Royal Commission into violence and abuse against people with disability. This will include the power to investigate cases of violence and abuse against children with disability in schools. Link

Donations Reform

  • Political donations: Labor has introduced reforms to improve donation transparency and accountability and increase penalties for non-disclosure. Labor will: Link
    • Ban foreign donations
    • Reduce the donation disclosure limit from $13,200 (indexed to inflation) to a fixed $1000
    • Ban ‘donation splitting’ between political party branches and associated entities to avoid disclosure obligations
    • Ban the receipt of anonymous donations above $50
    • Link public funding to campaign expenditure
    • Introduce new offences and increased penalties for abuses of the political donation disclosure regime


  • Swim Smart: Labor will make sure Aussie kid have access to swimming and water safety lessons in primary school. Link
  • Indigenous Residential College: Labor will help double the number of First nations students at the University of Technology Sydney by investing $20 million towards a new landmark indigenous Residential College. Link
  • Crack down on sexual assault in Universities: Labor will give a new independent taskforce strong powers to crack down on sexual harassment and assault at universities and residential colleges. Link
  • Fair Go for Public Schools: Labor will deliver an extra $14 billion for public schools over the next decade – the biggest investment in public schools in Australian History – ensuring that every child in every school will be better off under Labor. Link Website
  • National Preschool and Kindy Program: Labor will introduce a new two year National Preschool and Kindy Program guaranteeing around 700,000 Australian children a year will be able to access subsidised preschool. Link
  • Crackdown on Child Care inducements: Labor will ban child care and early education providers from offering inducements to boost enrolment numbers, protecting parents from being lured into child care arrangements which may not suit their needs. Link
  • Chance to study at University: Labor will invest an extra $174 million to help ensure all Australians get the chance to study at university. Link
  • NAPLAN Review: Labor supports taking a serious look at how to improve the insights we get from tests like NAPLAN, and how we can better focus on the progress of students and schools over time. Link
  • Abolish the cap on student places: 200,000 more Australians will get access to a university education thanks to Labor’s plan to abolish Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair cap on student places and to reinstate Labor’s demand-driven system. Link
  • National Inquiry into Post-Secondary Education: Labor will set up an Inquiry within in its first 100 days which will examine every aspect of the vocational and higher education systems; to ensure they can best respond to the needs of Australia’s economy and society. Link
  • Needs-based School Funding: Labor will restore every dollar of the $17 billion the Liberals have cut from schools. Link
  • Evidence Institute for Schools: Labor will establish a $280 million research institute that will help improve schools and early childhood education centres by ensuring teachers and parents have high quality research at their fingertips. Link
  • Moreton Bay Uni Campus: Labor will invest more than $120 million in the University of the Sunshine Coast’s new Moreton Bay Campus, transforming the Moreton Bay region into a high tech education hub. Link


  • Urban Rivers and Waterways: Labor will restore urban rivers to their natural beauty with a $200 million investment to ensure all Australians can benefit from the natural beauty of our waterways. Link
  • Australian Environment Act and Protection Agency: Labor will ensure the federal government returns to taking a leadership role in protecting our natural environment by creating an Australian Environment Act, and establishing a Federal Environmental Protection Agency. Link
  • Strengthening protections for Australia’s Heritage sites: Labor will legislate to ensure the Environment Minister has the power to regulate to protect our environment and heritage sites, in the wake of the controversy over the use of the World Heritage-listed Sydney Opera House as a “billboard”. Link
  • Great Barrier Reef Foundation: Labor will terminate the Grant Agreement between the Environment Department and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, and demand the Foundation return unspent funds to Australian taxpayers. Link
  • Marine Parks: Labor will restore the original 2012 Marine Mark Network in full, with an adjustment package for commercial fishers and whilst still allowing recreational fishing in 96 percent of Commonwealth waters within 100km of the shore. Link
  • Super-trawler ban: Labor will permanently ban super trawlers from Australia’s Small Pelagic Fishery as part of our support for fishers and for the health of our oceans. Link
  • Doubling Indigenous Rangers: Labor will double the number of Indigenous Rangers as part of measures to close the gap in Indigenous employment. Link


  • Reforming the Australian Honours System: Labor will modernise the nation’s honours system to better recognise the contribution of Australian women and other underrepresented groups by setting a target to increase female representation on the Honours List to 40 per cent by 2020. Link
  • Fair Go Plan to Help Close the Gender Pay Gap: Labor will deliver a fair go for Australian women by strengthening the ability of the Fair Work Commission to order pay increases for workers in female dominated industries such as early childhood, aged care, and disability services. Link
  • Victorian Pride Centre: Labor will help deliver the world-class Victorian Pride Centre project in St Kilda with a $10 million Federal investment. Link
  • Gender Pay Gap transparency: Labor will ensure that companies with more than 1,000 employees will have to publicly reveal how much they pay women compared to men, as part of Labor’s plan to help narrow the gender pay gap. Link
  • National Strategy for Gender Equality: Labor is committed to making gender equality a central priority in government including setting targets for change and developing a framework for government leadership. Link 1 Link 2

Family Violence

  • Keeping Women Safe in their homes: Labor will reverse the Liberal’s cuts to a program which helps women who have experienced domestic violence remain safely in their own home, and commit to a new 10 year plan for reducing violence against women and their children. Link
  • Family violence representation: Labor will prevent the cross-examination of witnesses by alleged perpetrators of family violence. Link
  • Safe Housing Fund: Labor will invest $88 million in housing options for women fleeing family violence. Link
  • Family Violence Leave: Labor will provide 10 days paid family violence leave for all workers who need it. Link
  • Annual Statement to Parliament: Labor will introduce an annual Prime Minister’s statement to parliament on gender equality and prevention of violence against women, including progress against targets. The prevention of family violence will also be a COAG priority. Link

Financial Services and Corporate Law

  • Fraudulent Phoenix Activity: Labor will crack down on fraudulent phoenix activity through a package of reforms including tightened laws to protect employee entitlements and harsher penalties to deter and punish dodgy directors. Link 1 Link 2

Foreign Affairs

  • Strengthening Australia’s Diplomatic Engagement in the Indo-Pacific: Labor will strengthen Australia’s engagement in the Indo-Pacific region by establishing four new diplomatic posts and a new category of geo-economic counsellor across our diplomatic network. Link
  • Infrastructure Investment Bank (Pacific): Labor will facilitate concessional loans and financing for investment for vital, nation-building projects in the Pacific through a government-backed infrastructure investment bank. Link
  • International Development Assistance: Labor will increase Official Development Assistance as a percentage of Gross National Income every year that we are in office, starting with our first Budget. Link


  • New Ward at Townsville Hospital: Labor will improve health care for people in north Queensland with a $13 million investment to build a new 33 bed ward at the Townsville Hospital. Link
  • Cairns Hospital Emergency Department: Labor will deliver better emergency care for the people of Cairns by investing in a major redevelopment of the Cairns Hospital Emergency Department with a $15 million investment. Link
  • New Cairns University Hospital: Labor will help attract and retain health workers in Far North Queensland – and create local jobs – by investing $60 million in a new dedicated training facility at Cairns Hospital. Link
  • Monash-Peninsula Health Futures Hub: Labor will invest $21 million in a new Health Hub which will focus on designing and delivering new, better integrated models of care for some of the region’s most vulnerable people. Link
  • Logan Hospital Urgent Care Clinic: Labor will deliver better access to emergency and specialist outpatient care for the people of Logan with a $33.4 million investment to build a new Urgent and Specialist Care Centre. Link
  • Record Boost for Type 1 Diabetes Research: Labor will provide a record boost for Type 1 diabetes research by investing $50 million in clinical trials and supporting our best and brightest researchers in their quest for a cure for Australian children. Link
  • Maternal Health and community services in Logan: Labor will invest $8 million across two new projects at Griffith University helping to deliver a world-class research, teaching and health service at the Logan campus as well as a new Regional innovation Data Lab. Link
  • Healthy Harold funding: Labor will reverse the Morrison Government cuts to Healthy Herald with a commitment of $2 million over the next five years. Link
  • Bentleigh Health Service: Labor will deliver better mental health, aged care, rehabilitation and maternity services for the people of Perth by investing $10.9 in a major redevelopment of the Bentley Health Service. Link
  • Kalamunda Hospital: Labor will deliver better palliative care for the people of Perth with a major upgrade to the Kalamunda District Community Hospital, investing $7.6 million to expand and improve services to ensure more people get the best possible care. Link
  • Silver Lining Ride: Labor will build on its commitment to ovarian cancer research by matching the $150,000 funding target for the Silver Lining Ride. The ride will see 12 riders tackle the 7-day 700km journey from Canberra to Melbourne. Link
  • Driving down Australia’s stillbirth rate: Labor will invest in driving down Australia’s stillbirth rate, funding prevention and research programs in a bid to save lives and spare families the unimaginable heartache of losing their babies. Link
  • Heart care for Central Queensland: Labor will improve heart care for people in Central Queensland by building a state-of-the-art cardiac theatre at Rockhampton Hospital. Link
  • TazReach Health Services: Labor will invest $4.5m to TazReach – restoring the funding cut by the Turnbull Government. Link
  • Chemotherapy Treatment: Labor will invest $10 million to establish a chemotherapy treatment service at Caboolture Hospital, which will see 360 patients receiving around 3,700 treatments every year. Link
  • Better Hospitals Fund: Labor will invest more in every single public hospital in the country – with an extra $2.8b in funding for more beds and shorter surgery wait times. Link
  • MRI Scans: Labor will invest $80m to boost the number of eligible MRI machines and approve 20 new licences – meaning 500,000 more scans funded by Medicare over the course of a first Labor budget. Link
  • Private Health Insurance – premium cap and Productivity Commission inquiry: Labor will cap the price increases of private health insurers at 2 per cent for two years and task the Productivity Commission with reviewing the private health system, with a focus on improving affordability and value for consumers. Link
  • Elective surgery backlog (TAS): Labor will invest $30 million to address Tasmania’s elective surgery backlog. Labor’s investment will see almost 3,000 extra elective surgery procedures – equivalent to half of the current waiting list. Link
  • Essential reproductive health services for Tasmania: Labor will invest $1 million to ensure Tasmania’s public health system provides the reproductive health services women are entitled to, and will mean they no longer have to travel interstate to access surgical abortions. Link
  • Ovarian Cancer action plan: Labor will provide $12 million towards Ovarian Cancer Australia’s National Action Plan for Ovarian Cancer Research, potentially preventing 2500 cases of breast cancer and 800 cases of ovarian cancer. Link
  • Making HIV History: Labor will renew the effort to end HIV transmissions in Australia with a $53 million commitment to prevention, testing and treatment - including expanding access to the game-changing preventive medicine PrEP. Link
  • Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre: Labor will boost research into advanced breast cancer and brain cancer with a $20 million investment in the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute. Link
  • Rural health: Labor will respond to the unique health needs of people in regional, rural and remote Australia by developing a new National Rural Health Strategy. Link
  • Climate Change and health: Labor will act on the evidence that climate change is hurting our health by developing the first National Strategy on Climate Change and Health.
  • National Standards for Private Drug and Alcohol Treatment Providers: Labor will protect patients and families by regulating for-profit drug and alcohol treatment providers for the first time. Link
  • Private Health Insurance – removing the rebate for natural therapies: Labor will remove the Medicare Rebate from therapies that have no scientific basis. (*Budget repair measure)
  • Private Health Insurance – junk policies: Labor will protect Australians from policies that only cover treatment in public hospitals – to which all Australians are entitled under Medicare – by removing the private health insurance rebate from those policies. (*Budget repair measure)
  • Private Health Insurance - sustainability: Labor will ensure the sustainability of the private health insurance rebate by continuing the Government’s pause on the rebate and Medicare Levy Surcharge tiers for five years. (*Budget repair measure)

Housing affordability / Homelessness

  • Ten-year Plan for Affordable Housing: Labor will help more Australian families with the cost of rent and turbocharge housing construction in Australia, with a ten-year national plan to build 250,000 houses – Australia’s biggest ever investment in affordable housing. Link
  • Reform negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions: Labor will limit future negative gearing concessions to new housing and reduce the CGT discount from 50 per cent to 25 per cent. These changes will moderate the growth of house prices and redirect generous tax concessions to where we most need investment – in new housing. Link
  • Prevent direct borrowing by superannuation funds: Labor will restore the prohibition on direct borrowing by superannuation funds on a prospective basis as recommended by the Financial System Inquiry (2014) to prevent the unnecessary build-up of risk in Australia’s superannuation system and to take some of the heat out of the housing market. Link
  • National Housing Supply Council: Labor will reinstate a Minister for Housing and Homelessness whose remit will be to coordinate all aspects of Commonwealth housing policy and we will re-establish the National Housing Supply Council to provide an ongoing independent advisory body on boosting housing supply. Link
  • Increase FIRB fees and penalties: Labor will double the fees and penalties on foreign investment rules to help put first home buyers on a more level playing field with investors. Link
  • Vacant property tax: Labor will establish a COAG process to coordinate and facilitate a more efficient and uniform vacant property tax across all of Australia’s major cities. Link
  • Homelessness Target: Labor will halve homelessness by 2025 and develop a National Homelessness strategy at COAG. Link


  • Addressing the global humanitarian crisis: Labor will ensure our nation can do our part to resettle genuine refugees facing persecution and in need of protection by committing $500 million to the work of the UNHCR; reform the Community Sponsored Refugee Program to allow up to 5,000 refugees to resettle in Australia annually; and appoint a Special Envoy for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Issues to advance Australia’s interests and leadership on refugee issues within the region. Link
  • Urgent Humanitarian Relief: Labor will commit $30 million in new urgent humanitarian relief funding to help address some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian crises. Link
  • 457 visa fee increases: Labor will increase fees on 457 visas to provide a genuine price signal to employers that they should look local first. Link
  • SMART visa: Labor will establish a SMART visa to attract specialists in Science, Medicine, Academia, Research and Technology for industries that have a genuine skills shortage. Link
  • Local jobs first: Labor’s Australian Skills Authority will ensure that temporary visas are only made available when a genuine skills gap cannot be met with local workers. Link

Indigenous Affairs

  • Reconciliation Action Plan: Labor will become the first political party to put in place a Reconciliation Action Plan – committing our party to practical measures to give First Australians a voice in our party, in our parliament, and in our society. Link
  • Support for First Nations Girls Education: Labor will invest $19.5 million to create almost 8,000 new places in the Stars Foundation’s successful programs that tackle educational disadvantage among First Nations girls and young women. Link
  • Compensation scheme: Labor will establish a compensation scheme for members of the Stolen Generations in Commonwealth jurisdictions including survivors from the Northern Territory and the ACT. Link
  • National Healing Fund: Labor will establish a $10 million National Healing Fund to support healing for the Stolen Generations and their families, in recognition of the inter-generational effects of forced removal. Link
  • National Summit: Labor will convene a national summit on First Nations children within its first 100 days in government, to address high rates of child removal and identify new approaches to building resilient families. Link
  • Voice to Parliament: Labor will immediately begin consulting on the form of a Voice to Parliament for First Nation’s Peoples, in response to the Uluru Statement from the Heart and Referendum Council recommendations. This will be our first priority for Constitutional change. Link

Industrial Relations / Jobs

  • Local Projects. Local Jobs. Labor’s National Procurement Plan: Labor will boost local jobs by ensuring more government contracts and major projects are delivered by local businesses, bringing significant economic benefit to communities in Queensland and around Australia. Link
  • Abolish Public Service staffing cap: Labor will abolish the Liberals’ arbitrary Average Staffing Level (ASL) cap, strengthening capacity and capability within the APS. Link
  • APS efficiency, jobs and services: Labor will improve efficiency in the APS and end the Liberals’ wasteful spending, while boosting service delivery and jobs. Link
  • Same Job, Same Pay: Labor will protect workers and ensure they get a fair deal by tackling unfair labour hire by stopping labour hire being used to undermine pay and conditions of direct employees. Link
  • Penalty rates: Labor will restore penalty rates in our first 100 days of government and legislate so that they can never be cut again. Link
  • Collective bargaining: Labor will ensure that collective bargaining is not undermined by corporate gaming of our industrial relations laws, including by preventing the use of sham enterprise agreements and employers simply terminating agreements instead of bargaining. Labor will abolish zombie WorkChoices agreements. Link
  • Fair Work: Labor will reform the definition of ‘casual’ so that it is used for the purposes for which it was originally intended, will prevent employers forcing their workers into sham contracting arrangements to avoid direct employment, and will work to close the gender pay gap. Link
  • Worker exploitation: Labor will introduce a national labour hire licensing scheme, reverse the onus of proof for franchisor liability for underpayment of wages, increase penalties for employers and dodgy directors who deliberately avoid paying their employees’ entitlements and will introduce a Modern Slavery Act. Link
  • Family Violence Leave: Labor will provide 10 days paid family violence leave for all workers who need it. Link
  • ABCC: Labor will abolish the Australian Building and Construction Commission.


  • Great Keppel Island: Labor will invest $25 million to rejuvenate Great Keppel Island, helping to grow tourism, create jobs and deliver an $80-million-a-year boost to the region’s economy. Link
  • Rockhampton Ring Road: Labor will unlock productivity and jobs growth in Central QLD by investing $800 million to build the Rockhampton Ring Road in partnership with the State Labor Government. Link
  • Kakadu National Park: Labor will invest $220 million in infrastructure and community development projects to dramatically improve Kakadu National Park as a tourist destination and secure the future of the township of Jabiru. Link
  • Ellenbrook Indoor Leisure Centre: Labor will invest $17m towards the Ellenbrook Indoor Leisure Centre, delivering the community a long overdue swimming pool. Link
  • Suburban Rail Loop (Melbourne): Labor will invest $300 million in the Melbourne Suburban Rail Loop – getting the project going faster and creating jobs sooner. Link
  • Building a Future Geelong: Labor will partner with the Victorian Government and Geelong City Council to build the infrastructure and economic opportunities the region needs for the future – investing $153 million in a Geelong City Partnership. Link
  • Commuter Parking at Schofields Train Station: Labor will collectively invest $30 million towards the expansion of parking facilities at Schofields train station in North West Sydney to help commuters overcome worsening parking shortages. Link
  • Linkfield Road Overpass: Labor will invest $60 million to duplicate the Linkfield Road overpass on the Gympie Arterial Road, a notorious stretch for accidents and traffic congestion in Qld. Link
  • Townsville’s Defence Maintenance Industry: Labor will look to increase the presence of the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) Amphibious Assault Ships(otherwise known as LHD vessels) at the Port of Townsville, creating new jobs and further diversifying North Queensland’s economy. Link
  • Better Rural and Regional Roads in QLD: Labor will invest $500m to deliver a staged upgrade of Queensland’s inland road network, meaning up to 3000 kilometres of better, safer roads and up to 300 wider, stronger bridges. Link
  • Frankston to Baxter Rail Upgrade: Labor will move quickly to deliver the much-needed Frankston to Baxter Rail Upgrade, building on the significant investment the Andrews Labor Government has made in Frankston infrastructure. Link
  • City Partnerships: Labor will overhaul and replace the Coalition’s City Deals with a City Partnerships program that will foster more genuine collaboration between the three levels of government. Link
  • North West Coast Pathway (Tas): Labor will invest in Tasmanian tourism and jobs, providing $8.8 million in funding towards the completion of the 110km North West Coastal Pathway. Link
  • National Park and Ride Fund: Labor will establish a $300 million National Park and Ride Fund for new or expanded car parks at public transport hubs, such as train stations. Link
  • Armadale rail line (Perth): Labor will invest $240.5 million to extend the Armadale rail line and build a train station at Byford. Link
  • Stephenson Ave Extension (Perth): Labor will invest $64 million towards the construction of the Stephenson Avenue extension and a new freeway interchange – transforming the City of Stirling. Link
  • National Rail Plan: Labor will ensure that more trains are built in Australia by local manufacturing workers – establishing a National Rail Plan to ensure that every dollar of Federal funding spent on rail projects goes towards creating local jobs and protecting our rail industry. Link
  • Bridgewater Bridge (Tas): Labor will restore the $100 million cut by the Turnbull Liberal Government from the Midland Highway upgrade, and use the funding as a down-payment to build a replacement to the outdated Bridgewater Bridge. Link
  • Mitchell Freeway expansion: Labor will invest in the future of Perth’s northern suburbs with a $108 million commitment to the expansion of the Mitchell Freeway. Link
  • Bruce Highway Extension: Labor will extend the Bruce Highway from the intersection of Comport St and Draper St to Cairns Airport, and invest up to $40 million to upgrade key intersections along this section of road. Link
  • Cross River Rail: Labor will help end the gridlock in South East Queensland by investing $2.24 billion towards the congestion-busting Cross River Rail project. Link
  • Midland Station project: Labor will invest $83 million to progress development of a new Midland Station and extension of the Midland train line to Bellevue in Perth, creating up to 280 local jobs and building the infrastructure the region needs to grow. Link
  • Upgrade of Cradle Mountain facilities: Labor will invest $15 million to improve facilities at Cradle Mountain, capitalising on the ongoing growth in Tasmania tourism. Link
  • Bass Highway Upgrade: Labor will invest $60 million to upgrade the Bass Highway between Wynyard and Marrawah to improve road safety and increase growth in the region’s economy and tourism sector. Link
  • Extension of the Number 11 Tram (VIC): Labor will deliver $40 million for an extension to the number 11 tram route, providing better public transport services to Melbourne’s booming northern suburbs. Link
  • Townsville Port Channel Widening: Labor will invest $75 million in the Townsville Port Channel Widening project, delivering hundreds of new jobs for Townsville and regional Queensland. Link
  • Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road Duplication: Labor will boost jobs and local infrastructure in Central Queensland by investing $47.5 million in the Rockhampton-Yeppoon Road. Link
  • Mackay Port Access Road (Ring Road): Labor will invest $280 million to deliver the second stage of the Mackay Ring Road, a vital piece of infrastructure that will support the region’s on-going economic development. Link
  • Gladstone Port Access Road: Labor will boost jobs and local infrastructure in Central Queensland by investing $100 million in the next stage of the Gladstone Port Access Road. Link
  • Burdekin Dam Hydro-Electric: Labor will invest $200 million in a hydro-electric power station at the Burdekin Dam to boost electricity generation in Queensland. Link
  • Second Burdekin pipeline / Townsville Water Security: Labor will commit $100 million towards Townsville Water Security, likely to include constructing a second Burdekin Dam pipeline. Water security is vital to the ongoing sustainability of the city and surrounding region. Link
  • Nowra Bridge: Labor has committed $50 million towards building a second bridge in Nowra to improve road safety and boost local productivity. Link
  • Western Sydney Airport Rail: Labor will commit a total of $3 billion to Western Sydney Rail connecting all of Sydney with the new Western Sydney Airport, whilst reducing congestion and dependence on cars. Link
  • Sydney Metro West: Labor will commit $3 billion to Sydney Metro West, which will double the rail capacity between Parramatta and the CBD. Link
  • South Rockhampton Flood Levee: Labor will commit $25 million to finish the levee, which will help protect Rockhampton’s households and businesses in times of flood. Link
  • Rookwood Weir: Labor will allocate $176 million to match the Queensland Government’s contribution to build the Rookwood Weir, delivering more than 2,000 construction and agriculture jobs and ensure water security across Central Queensland. Link
  • Northern Australia Tourism Infrastructure Fund: Labor will allocate $1 billion of NAIF money to tourism infrastructure, to boost partnerships with the tourism sector and to provide incentives to business for investment in new and upgraded tourism infrastructure across Northern Australia. Link
  • Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility: Labor will put in place better ministerial oversight of the NAIF to ensure that the highest standards of governance and management are enforced by giving Ministerial shareholding responsibilities for the NAIF to both the Norther Australia and Finance Ministers. Link
  • Ellenbrook Rail line: Labor will invest $700 million towards the construction of the Morley-Ellenbrook rail line in Perth’s north-east under the Fair Share for WA Fund, creating several thousand direct and indirect jobs in the Perth region and reducing traffic congestion. Link
  • Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme: Labor will build the Northern Adelaide Irrigation Scheme, enabling the expansion of irrigation and creating approximately 3,500 jobs in the region’s growing premium food and wine sector. Link
  • Western Australia Fair Share Package: Labor will allocate $1.6 billion in our first Budget to establish the Fair Share for WA Fund which will invest in local projects, create jobs and boost economic activity for the state. Link
  • Abolish the Infrastructure Financing Unit: Labor will abolish the Infrastructure Financing Unit.
  • Additional funding for Infrastructure Australia: Labor will transfer funding from the IFU into Infrastructure Australia to enhance its capacity to perform its core functions as well as allow for the re-establishment of the Major Cities Unit within the organisation.

Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

  • Science and Research for Australia: Labor will end the war on science and research by resetting the relationship between the Australian Government and Australia’s science and research community. Link
  • Inquiry into Science and research: Labor will establish, for the first time in 20 years, a root-and-branch inquiry into strengthening our research capabilities across the whole of government. Link
  • Restoring Integrity to the Australian Research Council: Labor will restore integrity to the Australian Research Council and end the political manipulation of world class, peer review assessment of competitive grants. Link
  • Battery Metal Manufacturing: Labor will supercharge Australia’s battery metal manufacturing industry to support Australian manufacturing jobs and our drive to a clean energy future. Link
  • Global Food Security Powerhouse (Western Sydney): Labor will invest $20 million to transform Western Sydney into a global food security powerhouse, putting Australia at the cutting edge of research on hardier crops, nutrition and biosafety. Link
  • National Centre of AI Excellence: Labor will invest $3m to help establish a National Centre of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Excellence, to build stronger Australian businesses and to examine the impact of technology on jobs of the future and prepare for the changes ahead. Link
  • STEAM Innovations Centre: Labor will invest $10m to build a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) Innovations Centre in Preston to best prepare the students of northern Melbourne for the jobs of the future. Link
  • Advanced Manufacturing Future Fund: Labor will establish a $1 billion advanced manufacturing future fund to provide concessional loans to manufacturers seeking to innovate, expand or diversify. Link
  • Space Agency: Labor will establish an Australian Space Science and Industry Agency with a mandate to double the size of the Australian space industry and grow the industry by ten thousand new jobs in areas such as research, earth observation, space technologies and advanced manufacturing. Link
  • Building safety (cladding): Labor will establish a new national licensing scheme for building practitioners, strengthen the penalties regime, restore a Cabinet Minister as the Chair of the Building Ministers’ Forum and ban the importation and use of flammable polyethylene aluminium composite material. Link
  • Three per cent GDP dedicated to science by 2030 Labor will aim to dedicate 3 per cent of our national Gross Domestic Product to science, research and development. Link

Law and Order / Justice

  • Corporate Crime Taskforce: Labor will commit $25m to establish a Corporate Crime Taskforce, to equip the Commonwealth Public Prosecutor to respond to recommendations for criminal prosecution which stem from the Financial Services Royal Commission. Link
  • Corporate Bribery: Labor will close the loopholes in our corporate bribery laws through a national anti-bribery framework – ending the facilitation payments defence and banning private sector bribery. Link
  • AFP in Hobart: Labor will reinstate permanent AFP presence (16 officers) at Hobart Airport to enhance safety and enable Tasman Policy to divert resources back to the community. Link
  • Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner: Labor will put Australia at the forefront of the fight against modern slavery by introducing a Modern Slavery Act; establishing an Anti-Slavery Commissioner; and enforcing supply chain reporting requirements for major businesses to ensure no Australian company is either directly or indirectly engaged in modern slavery. Link
  • Forced Marriage: Labor will introduce Forced Marriage Protection Orders to prevent young Australians being forced into marriage, taken overseas or removed from school and make it easier for victims to access support. Link

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Unit at Joondalup: Labor will commit $154 million to build a new, state-of-the-art, 75-bed mental health unit at the Joondalup Health Campus in Northern Perth, leading to shorter emergency wait times and better mental health treatment for patients. Link
  • Suicide prevention: Labor will be guided by the recommendations of the National Mental Health Commission target to reduce suicide by 50 per cent over ten years. Link
  • Headspace in Burnie (Tas): Labor will create a new Burnie headspace to deliver greater early intervention mental health services for those aged 12 to 25 years. Link
  • Headspace at Monash (Vic): Labor will create a new Monash headspace, providing vital mental health services and ensuring young peoples’ wellbeing is put first. Link

Social Services

  • Review of NewStart: Labor will initiate an urgent review into the inadequacy of NewStart payments and ensure this review is completed within 18 months. Link
  • DHS Jobs: Labor will invest $196 million in 1200 new permanent and full-time Department of Human Services staff around the country, improving waiting times and services Australians that rely on. Link
  • Regional Economic Development Fund: Labor will help drought affected towns get back on track with a $20 million Regional Economic Development Fund, that will be used to help stimulate local economies and support local jobs. Link
  • Drought assistance: Labor will invest in over 100 new Centrelink Community Response Officers – to meet the needs of those facing drought or other adversity. Link


  • Facilities for para-sport athletes: Labor will invest $4 million to support the expansion of disability sport programs at the Essendon Football Club’s world-class home base, The Hangar. Link
  • Netball: Labor will make the biggest investment ever in Australian netball by a federal government, committing $20 million over two years to Netball Australia. Link
  • New Rugby League Hub (Melbourne): Labor will invest $1.1 million towards a new rugby league hub in Melbourne’s North – supporting the growth of grassroots league in the state and boosting female participation in the sport. This will enable Melbourne Storm to enter a team in the new NRL Women’s Premiership in the future. Link
  • Recreational Fishing Fund: Labor will invest $10 million over five years to upgrade existing boat ramps and build new ones, meaning shorter queues and easier access to the water. Link


  • Saving Workers’ Super from Dodgy Bosses: Labor will help workers get their unpaid superannuation off unscrupulous employers and we’ll make sure dodgy bosses are appropriately punished. Link
  • Plan to Improve Women’s Super Security: Labor will help women plan for a secure financial future, investing $400 million to strengthen Australia’s superannuation system and boost women’s superannuation balances. Link
  • Reduce non-concessional contributions cap to $75,000: Labor will lower the annual non-concessional contributions cap to $75,000 to better target this concession while ensuring that it remains generous enough to accommodate the kind of one-off contributions middle- and low-income taxpayers make. Link
  • Reverse tax deductions for personal super contributions: Labor will reverse changes to tax deductibility for personal superannuation contributions. Link
  • Reverse catch-up concessional super contributions measure: Labor will reverse the introduction of catch-up concessional contributions to tighten up concessions to the most wealthy while significantly improving the budget bottom line. Link
  • Lower Div 293 threshold from $250,000 to $200,000: Labor will further lower the High Income Super Contribution threshold to $200,000, impacting less than 4 per cent of taxpayers whilst delivering a boost to the budget bottom line. Link

TAFE, Skills and Vocational Education

  • Apprenticeship Advocate: Labor will appoint an Apprenticeship Advocate to improve the quality of apprenticeships, address exploitation and improve apprentice safety, with a $5.4 million investment over three years. Link
  • Fee-free Qualifications for Early Education: Labor will scrap upfront fees for 10,000 early education students studying at TAFE to boost our early education workforce and meet the staffing demands for the rollout of Labor’s National Preschool and Kindy Program. Link
  • Scrapping upfront fees for TAFE students: Labor will scrap upfront fees for 100,000 TAFE students who choose to learn the skills that Australia needs, making it easier for Australians to gain the skills they need to get a quality job and for businesses to fill skills shortages. Link
  • Building TAFE for the Future Fund: Labor will commit $100 million towards a new Building TAFE for the Future Fund, to reverse the decline in TAFE facilities, and revitalise TAFE campuses across Australia. Link
  • TAFE Funding: Labor will ensure two thirds of government funding for vocational education goes to TAFE, securing the future of TAFE across the country. Link
  • Australian Skills Authority: Labor will establish an independent Australian Skills Authority to advise on skills shortages and we will prioritise training investment in skills shortage areas identified by the Authority. Link
  • SkillUP Training Fund: Labor will establish a Training fund using revenue raised from the 457 visa fee increase to help deliver Labor’s agenda in skills and training. Link
  • Pre-Apprentice Program: Smooth the transition of 10,000 young job seekers into workplaces by providing them with 20 week pre-apprenticeship training. Link
  • Advanced Adult Apprentice Program: Fast-track apprenticeships for up to 20,000 people facing redundancy or whose jobs have been lost. Link
  • 1 in 10 rule for Apprentices: Labor will ensure 1 in 10 jobs on Commonwealth priority projects are filled by Australian apprentices. Link


  • Free Tax Clinics: Labor will make our tax system fairer for disadvantaged Australians by funding 10 free tax clinics across the country. Link
  • Multinational Tax, Tax Integrity & Tax Haven Transparency: Labor's comprehensive package will close tax loopholes exploited by multinational companies, restore integrity to the Australian tax system, stop Australian profits beings stashed away in tax havens, and improve the budget bottom line by $4.8 billion over the decade. Link
  • Penalties for tax dodging: Labor will protect the fairness and integrity of Australia’s tax system by putting a higher price on the heads of promoters who package the tricky schemes that cheat the tax system. Link
  • Second Commissioner – Appeals within the Tax Office: Labor will legislate to establish a new position of Second Commissioner (Appeals) within the Tax Office, to ensure small business disputes are given the care and attention they deserve. Link
  • Labor Supports Small Business: Labor will ensure small and medium-sized businesses with a turnover of up to $50 million a year will have their tax rate reduced to 25 per cent by 2021-22. Link
  • GST share for WA: Labor will guarantee Western Australia gets its fair share of GST funding, locking in a 70 cent GST floor funded by the Commonwealth. Link
  • Tax Refund for Working Australians: Labor will deliver bigger, better and fairer tax cuts for 10 million working Australians, increasing the tax cuts currently being offered under the Government’s tax offset proposal. Link
  • Reform to Dividend Imputation: Labor will make the tax system fairer by closing down a concession that gives cash refunds for excess dividend imputation credits – a concession which has grown at a rapid rate and now costs the budget more than $5 billion dollars a year. Link
  • Negative Gearing and CGT reform: Labor will Limit Negative Gearing to new homes and halve the CGT discount to ensure our tax system is fair and sustainable. Link
  • Capping deductions for managing tax affairs at $3,000: Labor will cap deductions for managing tax affairs at $3,000. This affects fewer than 1 in 100 taxpayers yet will save the budget $1.3 billion over the medium-term. Link
  • Discretionary Trust Reform: Labor will introduce a standard minimum 30 per cent tax rate for discretionary trust distributions in order to address tax minimisation and artificial income splitting.  This will make our tax system fairer and improve the Budget bottom line. Link
  • Reinstate 2% deficit Levy on high income earners: Labor will reinstate the 2 per cent deficit levy on people earning over $180,000 a year. Link


  • Making Asian Languages a priority: Labor will get more Australians studying Asian languages to ensure the next generation is prepared for the jobs and economic opportunities of the Asian century. Link
  • A Fair go for Australians in trade deals: Labor will fix the way we do trade deals to put Australian workers first and stop future governments from signing up to trade deals that include clauses that allow foreign companies to sue the Australian government. Link
  • Anti-dumping protections #2: Labor will protect Australian jobs by making it easier for local manufacturing firms to take effective action against the dumping of below cost foreign goods into Australia. Link
  • Anti-dumping protections #1: Labor will triple penalties for circumventing trade remedies, better resource the Anti-Dumping Commission and create a one-stop shop under a tougher regime that will safeguard Australian manufacturing and agricultural jobs now and into the future. Link
  • FutureAsia: Labor will embrace a new, comprehensive and holistic policy approach to Asian engagement across a number of portfolios including trade, climate, education, and foreign affairs. The FutureAsia strategy will underpin our efforts to deepen and broaden engagement in the region. Link
  • Increased transparency in trade agreement negotiations: Labor will end the secrecy surrounding trade negotiations, committing to new levels of transparency to build community confidence and ensure government is accountable. Link
  • Scrutiny of Free Trade Agreements: Labor will ask the Productivity Commission to conduct independent economic analysis of each new FTA before it's signed and also conduct 10 year reviews post-signing. Link
  • Increasing engagement with India: Labor will deepen engagement with India, boost trade and create more jobs for Australians as India is set to become the world’s third largest economy in the next two decades. Link
  • Increasing engagement with China: Labor will pursue an agreement with the Chinese Government to allow young Australian professionals to gain experience in the Chinese market by undertaking an internship in China for up to six months to help build the Asian business capability of young Australian professionals. Link
  • Boosting access to the Chinese market for exporters: Labor will make Australia Week in China an annual event. Link
  • Making it easier for business to export: Labor will establish a cross-agency team to work with Australian businesses on plans to address non-tariff barriers. The team will report to a Committee of Cabinet and will provide a single point of accountability. Link

Transport and Aviation

  • Strategic Aviation Workforce Development Forum: Labor will establish the Forum and task it with developing strategic responses to the skills issues facing the aviation industry, and building productive working relationships across the industry and with training sectors.


  • Evaluator General: Labor will deliver better government programs by creating an Evaluator General to conduct high-quality evaluations of Australian government programs to ensure better outcomes, efficiency and value for money. Link
  • COAG Economic Reform Council: Labor will establish a new and independent COAG Economic Reform Council that will be given the autonomy to examine, track and report to COAG on long-term reform priorities. Link
  • CEO pay transparency: Labor will promote fairness and tackle inequality in the workplace by requiring all listed firms with more than 250 employees to report the ratio of their CEO pay to the pay of the median employee. Link
  • Australian Investment Guarantee: Labor’s Australian Investment Guarantee will allow all businesses in Australia to immediately deduct 20 per cent of any new eligible asset worth more than $20,000, with the balance depreciated in line with normal depreciation schedules from the first year. Link
  • Extractive industries disclosure regime: Labor will require large extractive industry (oil, gas and mining) companies to periodically publish the payments they make to Governments in countries where they operate. This will ensure Australian resources companies are good corporate citizens and help to combat corruption. Link
  • Time Use Survey: Labor will provide $15.2 million in funding to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to conduct the Time Use Survey in 2020 and 2027, the most reliable estimate of unpaid work done in the home. Link

Veterans Affairs

  • Western Front Fellowship: Labor will give young Australians a once-in-a-lifetime chance to connect with our nation’s war history, establishing a fellowship program at the Sir John Monash Centre in Villers-Bretonneux. Link
  • Veterans Recovery Centre (Ipswich): Labor will invest in veterans and ex-service personnel in the Ipswich and Somerset Region by providing funding to a Veterans Recovery Centre. Link
  • Veterans Support Centre (NT): Labor will invest $4.9m to establish the Scott Palmer Service and Veterans Support Hub to provide support to our current and ex-serving defence personnel, first responders and their families. Link
  • Military Covenant: Labor will put in place a formal agreement to ensure the nation’s armed forces are fully supported during and after their service, and will legislate regular reporting to Parliament on how Australia is supporting military personnel. Link
  • Employment Package: Labor will commit $121 million to a comprehensive Veterans Employment Policy to provide greater support to our defence personnel as they transition to civilian life. Link
  • Family Engagement and Support Strategy for Defence Personnel and Veterans: Labor’s strategy will provide greater support and resources to military families focusing on known stress points, including transition for Defence members into civilian life. The strategy was a key recommendation that came out of the National Mental Health Commissions’ review last year. Link