Seniors & Pensioners Kit

My Seniors & Pensioners Kit has a range of useful information relating to the latest pension payment rates as well as information relating to services and general safety tips.

The Albanese Labor Government has committed to helping older Australians keep more money in their pockets, and we are already working on lowering the cost of living by giving more older Australians access to the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card and delivering cheaper medicines, and more affordable housing.

We’ve also put an end to the Morrison Government’s neglect of aged care, to make sure older Australians are
treated with the respect they deserve.

The last couple of years living through the Covid-19 pandemic have been tough for our community. The restrictions on movement to limit the spread of the virus has meant missing out on important social, family and community gatherings, and it has been an isolating time for many older Australians.

I am here to help you in any way I can—including connecting you to local services and supports. Please do not hesitate to call my office on 02 4983 2401 if we can be of any assistance


Please click on this link to download our seniors & pensioners kit (Current as of 31.07.23)